Historic Schools – Blaine


Built in 1893

Named For:

James G. Blaine (Jan 31, 1830 – Jan 27, 1893), an American statesman who represented Maine in the U.S. House of Representatives and later the Senate. Blaine also served as Secretary of State (1881, 1889 – 1892).

photo of james blaine
James G. Blaine, 1830 – 1893

Location: Between Belknap St and 14th St; Between Hughitt Ave and Hammond Ave

blaine school original location
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When the original building was completed, it had eight rooms with an enrollment not greater than 400. In 1899 there was pressure for a new high school quarters. The Board of Education was compelled to build an addition to the Blaine building with some changes to the original building. These changes provided five extra grade rooms.

blaine school


In a few years the building again became cramped for space so much that outside buildings had to be used. After several years the new Central High School became reality in 1910. For a time this gave the desired relief. The Board of Education offices were located at Blaine and the deaf school was moved from Howe to the Blaine building. Soon however the growing city outgrew the Blaine space again. Some classrooms had to run double sessions. The assembly room was made into four classrooms. Relief came with the completion of the Pattison School building in 1920.


The original Blaine school was replaced by a new Blaine located a few blocks east on Belknap Street in 1951.