Historic Schools – Ericsson


Built in 1893

Named For:

John Ericsson (July 31, 1803 – Mar 8, 1889), A Swedish-American inventor. His work included design and building of the USS Monitor, a novel armored ship design with a rotating turret housing a pair of large cannons. The Monitor played a critical role in helping the Union Navy during the Civil War.

photo of john ericsson
Peter Cooper, 1791 – 1883

Location: Between Weeks Ave and Clough Ave; Between 6th St and 7th St

location map of ericsson school
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photo of ericsson school

K – 8th/9th grade, 1893 – 1965

K – 6th grade, 1965 – 1987


Available records are incomplete to give a year-by-year census. However, in 1919, the History of Superior Junior High Schools reveals “since 1917, Ericsson School has been a Junior High School; formed by adding the ninth grade to the established elementary school.”

A National trend at the time in 1919 was for a six and six plan to make transition to High School an easier adjustment. The hope was a Junior High format for the 7th – 9th grades would lead to fewer students dropping out before completing high school.


South Block addition 1904

Attic removed 1952

Gymnasium addition 1956


Ericsson was demolished in 1988. Currently there are housing units on the site.

ericsson school aerial photo