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Joseph Osaugee – March History Matchup Champion   

(Won over Central High School 75% – 25%)

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Joseph Osaugee – Ojibwa who accepted the presence of the European- Americans. Very active in helping the settlers make it through the long winter months.

He and his sons hunted game to feed Superior’s settlers in the long lean winter months when there were no ships coming up the lakes. They worked the commercial fisheries that provided food and winter goods for the town.

When there was a scare concerning possible raids it was Chief Osaugee and Vincent Roy Jr. who made the rounds of the local Natival American villages, verifying that the Ojibwa were not hostile.

A local leader of the Ojibwa people. He did not move to a reservation in 1854. A significant helper of the white settlers. Considered as one of the founding fathers of the community now known as Superior.