Historic Schools – Nelson Dewey

Nelson Dewey

Built in 1888

Named For:

Nelson Webster Dewey (Dec 19, 1813 – July 21, 1889) An American pioneer, lawyer, and politician. First Governor of the State of Wisconsin.

photo of nelson dewey
Nelson Webster Dewey, 1812 – 1889

Location: Between 24th Ave E and 25th Ave E; Between E 6th St and E 7th St

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nelson dewey school


Included students from kindergarten to 12th grade until 1924 when East High School opened. The yearbook name WaWaTa was used by both Nelson Dewey and East High School.i A second Nelson Dewey school replaced the original in 1934.


After its years as an elementary school it was used as Northland Secondary School, an alternative school for the Superior School District, for 9th – 12th grades from 1995 – 2002.

nelson dewey school with addition