0 to 90 – By Florian Chimelewski

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0 to 90

By Florian Chimelewski

Known by generations of Minnesotans and throughout the world for his musical excellence and passion for polka, the leader of the Chmielewski Brothers Orchestra and, later, the Chmielewski Funtime Band, Florian Chmielewski tells his story for the first time in 0 to 90.
A story that began on a farm in the Great Depression and culminated with his induction into the International Polka Association’s Hall of Fame in Chicago, Florian became one of the Midwest’s most enduring entertainers and public figures.
This 140-page volume features intimate photographs and details the timeless tradition of the Chmielewski family. In addition to rare interviews with family and friends, Florian reveals the stories which made him a man revered by scores of people worldwide.