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The Secret Life of Chief Namakagon

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by James A Brakken

Step into your birch bark canoe and grab your paddle. You’re off to the early 1800s and a thrilling, factual dramatization of the early life of Old Ice Feathers. It is an adventure you won’t want to end—a novel you won’t be able to put down. The Secret Life of Chief Namakagon by James A. Brakken When his friend and mentor dies in 1886, young Tor Loken learns of Namakagon’s previous life. But why, four decades earlier, did he isolate himself in this uninhabited northern Wisconsin wilderness?

Was Namakagon running from a troubled past? Now James Brakken’s research reveals Namakagon’s life before he came to his northern Wisconsin home. His is an amazing true-life adventure—a true tale of a child abduction by renegades, then 30 years living as an Ojibwe. Caught in the middle of a bloody battle between the Hudson’s Bay Company and the North West Fur Company, he is rejected by his people. He tries living among the Whites but is unable to adjust. All odds seem to be against him. Loved by a few, despised by many, he cannot find his niche in life—a life torn in two by others. Then, accused of murder in 1846, he flees.

He begins a new life, that of an Indian hermit in northwest Wisconsin where he becomes Ice Feathers and discovers a secret silver mine. (A map in this book give the best clue yet to the lost mine’s likely whereabouts!) These illustrated, adventure-filled chapters unveil Chief Namakagon’s secret and offer a captivating, stand-alone novel suitable for readers age twelve and up, though written for all who enjoy a fusion of thrilling fiction and fascinating history. Reviews of James Brakken’s Writing: “Weaving mystery into history, ‘The Treasure of Namakagon’ vivifies the tumultuous nature of 19th-century life in the legendary north woods.” Michael Perry, NYT bestselling Wisconsin author “… A fascinating tale … There is a strong sense in this book of oneness with nature. There’s rip-roaring action … The book is so well-written.” “Difficult to put down; a great read.” Publisher’s Weekly Magazine “The writing style of this piece is its greatest strength. The flow of the words is like an old fashioned song.” Amazon Books “… Wonderfully well written … Compelling …. Captures the reader’s attention and keeps us reading.” “A good piece of writing with suspense and action ….” Jerry Apps, Award winning Wisconsin author “It’s the dialog and characters that drive The Treasure of Namakagon, a book that, if the audience for (adventure stories) was more like it was in the 1950s, would likely be sitting at or near the top of the best sellers lists.

“It appears as if author James A. Brakken is determined to make a go of this series, and … he’s made at least one fan in this reader.” Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“Open with caution. You won’t want to put this one down.” LaMoine MacLaughlin, President, Wisconsin Writers Association

“A twisting, thrilling mix of mystery, adventure and legendary treasure. Wisconsin history buffs will find this book a treasure in itself. An exciting adventure for all ages.” Waldo Asp, AARP Chairman

“Brakken takes his readers down Northern Wisconsin’s untamed Na-makagon River, back when giant virgin forests lured heroic lumberjacks to seek their fortune. In scene after scene, the reader is surrounded by the beauty of pristine woods and lakes, rooting for the good guys to beat out the greedy.” A. Y. Stratton, author of Buried Heart

“Great story! Fascinating! I liked it!” Professor Larry Meiller, Wisconsin Public Radio host.

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