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Archive/Research Request Form and Archive Policy

The Douglas County Historical Society has dedicated volunteers who are knowledgeable about the handling of archived materials and who are also familiar with DCHS’s specific collection, as well as this area’s other archival resources. If you are interested in having some research done, please follow the link below and print out our Archive Request form, fill it out and either mail it to us or bring it to our office in Superior.


Douglas County Historical Society Research, Reproduction and collections use Policy

The Archive resources, including the photographic collections, are held in public trust and intended for educational use of the general public. The only objective more important than their proper use is their preservation.

Because the documents and photographs in our collection are old and irreplaceable, nothing may be borrowed or taken from the library by patrons. We do allow documents and photographs to be copied on our photocopier or scanner, as well as to be professionally reproduced at a local photo lab. Our Staff will do copying, scanning and have professional reproductions done for you, please ask for assistance. In order to keep this unique collection in control, we do not allow patrons to scan or photograph our collections.

DCHS members receive the following benefits:

  • 10% off all books and purchases in the DCHS Shop
  • 10% off research fees
  • 20% off one coupon that can be used at any location that is a member of the Wisconsin State Historical Society. (Affiliate card must be presented at each location)

Members that put in 10 hours of volunteer service for DCHS will begin to accrue hours toward the use of our archives for their own personal research, whether it be family research or research on some area of interest in Douglas County. THIS RESEARCH CAN NOT BE FOR PROFIT.

CONDITIONS – In order to preserve and maintain the integrity of our collection and at the same time provide patrons with reasonable access, the following guidelines will be followed:

  1. Everyone requesting research, copies of documents, or photographic copies must fill out a Reproduction/Research Agreement form before work will be done.
  2. Because our research staff is limited to volunteers, requests to see materials must be made with a staff member at least 10 days in advance to allow for scheduling. All DCHS collections must be used at DCHS under the supervision of DCHS staff. All DCHS collections are non-circulating and certain collections carry donor restrictions that may limit their use.
  3. Prints and materials ordered from DCHS are to be used only for personal or research purposes unless permission for publication or commercial use is applied for and granted.
  4. Only pencils or laptop computers may be used in taking research notes, no ballpoint pens, fountain pens or markers. NEVER mark materials, even with a pencil. Do not lean on historical materials and do not take notes on top of historic materials.
  5. When handling photographic and archival materials, always wear the white cotton gloves that DCHS staff provides.
  6. Patrons are not permitted to make copy negatives of photographs from the Collections. Photographs, provided they are not restricted, may be reproduced in print form for personal, business or publication use. Standard production time will be two weeks, and the cost for rush orders will be double the standard rate. Orders for photographic services must be submitted in writing and must be prepaid, with checks payable to Douglas County Historical Society.
  7. Students may have copies for a school project free of charge. Scanned pictures must be returned, photocopies may be kept. No fee charged for this service. If students would like to keep the scanned pictures, they may pay for them at the time of request. Any scans not paid for will be required to be returned to DCHS.
  8. Fees are for non-exclusive, one time use of a single image unless otherwise indicated. Any subsequent use or reuse must be applied for in writing. These fees must be paid in advance of use or publication.
  9. Users are required to send DCHS a copy of the publication or sample of the product in which the image appears.
  10. Other than standard cropping and resizing, images may not be altered.
  11. The user may not reproduce or permit others to reproduce (by any means) the photographic copy or documents. Additional copies must be purchased from DCHS.
  12. The user may not reproduce the copy (photo or document) as a dust jacket, nor use in an advertisement or any commercial use of a similar nature, nor mass produce as unbound material unless specifically authorized by a “letter of permission” from DCHS.
  13. Each individual photograph must be properly credited. Sample: Barry photo, Douglas County Historical Society Archives, A07-9900-33.
  14. Making a copy does not constitute permission to use that copy for any purpose other than the patron’s own research. In some cases the Douglas County Historical Society Archives is the owner of the physical object only and may not own copyright or other intellectual property rights to the materials in its collection. Obtaining materials for reproduction purposes therefore is subject to the applicant securing permission from persons, corporations or other legal entities which may own or claim such rights. The applicant is responsible for determining whether any use of copyright material does or does not constitute an infringement of copyright.


Because we are a non-profit organization, our fee schedule reflects the need of DCHS to continue financing the restoration and preservation of our collection.

  • Research (done by staff) is $20.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum fee. Fees for copies and postage are extra.
  • Photocopies: $0.25 per page
  • Scanned photos on copy paper: $1.50 per page.
  • Custom size photographs: Ask us about cost.
  • Periodicals and serials (in addition to reproduction cost)
    • Under 10,000 circulations                   $10.00 per image
    • 10,000 to 99,000                                 $50.00 per image
    • 100,000 and up                                  $100.00 per image
  • Books and Video (in addition to reproduction cost)
    • Under 5,000                                       $20.00 per image
    • 5,000 to 10,000                                  $50.00 per image
    • 10,000 and up                                   $100.00 per image

Subsequent printings are one half of the original fee.

  • Advertising and Promotion
    • Local                                                 $50.00 per image
    • National                                           $100.00 per image
  • Exhibition or Display use (outside of Douglas County
    • Up to 11 x 14                                    $20.00 per image
    • Larger than 11 x 14                          $25.00 per image
    • Other local business/organizational use is subject to approval by DCHS
  • Electronic Media
    • Commercial film or television          $100.00
    • CD-ROM                                           $50.00
    • World Wide Web/Internet                $100.00

Minimum payment due at time of request. After minimum is met, you will be notified of results and whether further research is needed.

At the top of this page is a copy of our Archive Request Form. Please copy and paste the below document, print it out, fill out the necessary information and send it to us with your payment.  PLEASE read the above policy to find out about our fees. We must collect a minimum fee of $20.00 for 1 hour of research.