Historic Schools – Carpenter


Built in 1888

First of the Brick Schools

Named For:

Matthew Hale Carpenter (Dec 22, 1824 – Feb 24, 1881), and American attorney and U.S. Senator representing the state of Wisconsin. Recognized as an authority on constitutional law, he made some of the most important legal arguments of 19th-century America. Carpenter presented cases before the U.S. Supreme Court involving such matters as states’ rights and regulation of corporations.

matthew hale carpenter
Matthew Hale Carpenter, 1824 – 1881

Location: Between Hughitt Ave and Hammond Ave; Between 6th St and 7th St

location of carpenter school
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carpenter school


The oldest of the large brick and stone school buildings has one of the most diverse histories. After the additions Carpenter include a Vocational Junior High School, and the Part Time Permit and Apprentice divisions of the Vocational School. The building had twenty-one classrooms, three shop rooms, drawing room, sewing room, cooking room, gymnasium, auditorium, kindergarten department and a swimming pool.

Special Uses:

In the evenings Carpenter was used as a meeting place for community organizations. A Hebrew school also made use of the building giving instruction in religion and the Hebrew language.


After its use as a school building ended in 1964, it was the home of Duluth Scientific Inc. from 1966 to 1974. The last of the building was razed in September of 1976.

carpenter school addition