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CENTRAL A TO ZSuperior Central High School played host to three presidents, inspired great teachers, and produced professional athletes, artists, and business and community leaders — and at least one national hero.
Central A to Z introduces you to Central High Schools most illustrious alumni, favorite teachers and coaches and the aspects of social life that made it a special place to go to school.Inside learn about award winning photographers Ray Jones and Esther Bubley, gridiron greats Ernie Nevers and Bud Grant, beloved English teacher Lulu “Dickie” Dickman, and World War II flying ace Richard I Bongas well as visits by JFK, Herbert Hoover, and Calvin Coolidge, who in 1928 used Central High School as his Summer White House.Local Authors: Kathy Laakso & Teddie MeronekPrice: $17.95 
 central a to z
ECHOES FROM THE PASTIn the 1800’s, great changes came to the vast Lake Superior region. Water roads had transported fur traders for centuries and Native Americans for millennia. Ceded through treaties, the pristine lands of the Ojibwe surrendered to the logger’s saw and the miner’s pick. Railroads brought eager immigrants who followed their dreams in search of a better life. Echoes From the Past is the story of a region’s transformation from rugged wilderness to one of settlers and settlements.

Author: Nan Wisherd

Price: $19.95

 echos of the past
PIONEERS OF SUPERIOR, WISCONSINPoised as it is at the western extremity of Lake Superior, Superior, Wisconsin had been largely ignored except for fur traders and copper explorations. In 1853-55, however, there was completed the Sault Ste. Marie locks that allowed lakes steamers to enter the last and greatest of the Great Lakes, and suddenly America had a new frontier. This work was collected as part of a research project on the birth and early development of the city of Superior, Wisconsin.

Author: Ronald V. Mershart

Price: $20.85

 pioneers of superior
YESTERDAYSYesterday, long before some remember, there was a city and county that was very different from today. Rugged men and women settled here while get-rich-quick promotions prevailed. Investment in our community ensued, and much of the remaining architecture today represents this investment.

The images compiled in this book serve as a reminder of the people, places, commerce, and event of our past. Today we look back with curiosity and interest at our history and memories of our own yesterdays.

Published by: The Douglas County Historical Preservation committee

Price: $6.95



Memoirs of a Parochial Education. Stories and histories of Superior’s once vibrant Catholic schools and the heroic people that made them great.

Authors: Georgeann Cheney & Theodora Meronek

Price: $15.95

 superior catholics
FRONTIER VILLAGE: The Birth of Superior, WisconsinA compilation of extensive research and photographs that help tell the story of early Superior, Wisconsin from 1853-1883.

Author: Ronald V. Mershart

Price: $29.95

 frontier village
WISCONSIN FAR NORTHWESTThis collection of brief histories brings together the voices of many different people, introducing unique styles and perspectives on this region which the writers themselves represent. For the most part these communities fall into the territory of the large defunct town of Old-Brule or are adjacent to it, in an area now served by the Maple School District.

Published by the Old-Brule Heritage Society, Edited with and Introduction by Jim Pellman

Price: $20.00

 wisconsin far northwest
FAITHFUL, FINN AND FREELocal author James C. Pellman presents a book that attempts to organize our understanding of ourselves in terms of our freedom and our finiteness. These two basic ideas are entwined throughout the text. Faithful, Finn and Free challenges many assumptions about modern life, which lead many to feeling of frustration, despair, and helplessness. It provides a structure that helps us understand ourselves and directs us toward the Solution for the redemption of our culture.

Author: James C. Pellman

Price: $20.00

 faithful finn and free
THEY REMEMBERED SUPERIORFirst-person narratives of the early years of Superior, Wisconsin, pioneer memories and descriptions of life on the North-west frontier in the 1850’s and 1860’s

Edited and with an introduction by Ronald Mershart

Price: $7.95

they remembered
GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY: Ore Docks of Lake Superior Photo ArchiveThe Great Northern Iron Ore Docks were the largest iron ore docks in the world. Now railfans and history buffs can see how these ore docks were constructed and operated through the hisotic photographs and illustrations in this book. Detailed photos show these fascinating docks in operations (trains loading ships) as well as accurate drawings made from original Great Northern blueprints-perfect for railroad modelers!

These docks and the stories they contain are a unique piece of Americana. The remaining docks are falling apart and partially stripped. But through this book, railfans, modelers and history buffs can continue to appreciate the Great Northern Iron Ore Docks.

Author:Douglass D. Addison, Sr.

Price: $29.95

 great northern railway
FAIRLAWN: Restoring the SplendorFairlawn: Restoring the Splendor chronicles the saga–riches-to-rags, rags-to-riches–of what is now acknowledged as one of the finest historic museums in the Midwest. From its Gilded Age beginnings to its long period of service as a children’s home, from its near-demolition in the early 1960’s to the massive multiyear effort the culminated in its return to grandeur,  the story of Fairlawn is a richly textured tapestry replete with drama, human interest, and countless fascinating details. It is a story of perseverance, too, of daunting challenges met and mastered, and of the hundreds of fiercely dedicated people who lent their time, talent, and energy to help realize a shared vision. The restoration of the Fairlawn mansion was a dream held in common, but it was a decidedly uncommon dream.

Author: Tom Davis

Price: $29.95

 fairlwan restoring
PATHWAYS: The Earliest History of Northern Wisconsin’s Brule RegionLet Pathways lead you back to a time long before George Washington was born and the Thirteen Colonies struggled for their independence in the Revolutionary War. Pathways begins when the Brule region in northern Wisconsin was part of New France and bustled with the activities of the fur trade. The story continues as the region was ruled by the British Empire before finally becoming part of the United States of America.

You will discover the rich early history of the Brule region as Pathways relates the tales of the fur traders and their hearty voyageurs, of life in the logging camps, and of the Brule’s earliest settlers and their struggles to survive.

Author: Nan Wisherd

Price: $19.95

CAMP NEBAGAMON FOR BOYS: Keeping the Fires BurningFounded in 1929 by Muggs and Janet Lorber, Camp Nebagamon has served as a summer retreat for many youngsters. Nestled on the shore of Lake Nebagamon in Northern Wisconsin, Camp Nebagamon offered a multitude of different activities for its youth. Camp Nebagamon for Boys: Keeping the Fires burning provides a history of the Camp and memoirs of Camp Nebagamon alumni.

Author: Nardie and Sally Lorber Stein

Price: $20.00

 camp nebagamon
SISU AND SAUNA: The Heritage and History of the Town of LakesideWhy did the first settler come to this area? How did they make a living, form an independent town government, and cope with life’s constant changes? What ethnic, religious, and cultural traditions influenced the early settlement and growth of the town? Learn about the land, people, businesses, and government of this special part of Northern Wisconsin – the town of Lakeside.

Author: Lakeside History Project

 sisu and sauna
CHILDREN OF STRANGERSA collections of short stories by local author Anthony Bukoski

Author: Anthony Bukoski  *read author bio below

Price: $20.00

 children of strangers
POLONAISEThe twelve stories in this third collection are both a dirge and an homage to a passing way of life for the East End neighborhood of Superior, Wisconsin. Despite their failures and the crumbling of their world, Bukoski’s characters survive with wry humor, dignity, and grace. In the sorrow and joy of their struggles, these East End residents remind us of the power of our own humanity.

Author: Anthony Bukoski  *read author bio below

Price: $20.00

TIME BETWEEN TRAINSWelcome to Superior, Wisconsin, the westernmost port on the Great Lakes, home to a declining population, often-dismal weather, and dying ethnic communities. Despite the biting winter winds and the ore dust blanketing the city, miracles occur here. In the title story, the only Jewish track inspector for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe system discovers a magical place behind the drab house of a lonely Polish schoolteacher: in “Closing Time”, an accordion player working the bar of the local VFW finds an appreciative audience in a disillusioned German war bride; in “The Moon of the Grass Fires”, a retired flour mill worker has a vision of ultimate goodness and the meaning of his life one beautiful autumn evening as, covered with wheat dust, he takes a walk near the East End’s abandoned ore docks.

Author: Anthony Bukoski  *read author bio below

Price: $22.50

 time between trains