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How to Code Heading Style Inside Text Box

The text styling can be changed using the class feature. See samples below. The syntax is class=”class class, replacing class with any combination of available classes – adding one space between each – to style the text.

Here is a list of the available ‘H’ tag classes.

COLOR: dk-blue, logo-blue, lt-blue, orange, bgd-yellow, bgd-orange, black, white

FONT WEIGHT for H1, H2: heavy, xxheavy, fat

FONT WEIGHT for H3: medium, xheavy, xxheavy


FONT WEIGHT for H5: thin, medium, bold, heavy, xxheavy, fat

TEXT DECORATION for all H: shadow

ALIGNMENT for all H: left, center, right

Heading Style One

HTML CODE: <h1>Heading Style One</h1>

H1 Class XXHeavy

HTML CODE: <h1 class="xxheavy">H1 Class XXHeavy</h1>

H1 Fat Dark Blue

HTML CODE: <h1 class="dk-blue fat">H1 Fat Dark Blue</h1>

H1 XXLarge Logo Blue

HTML CODE: <h1 class="xxlarge logo-blue">H1 XXLarge Logo Blue</h1>

Heading Class H2

HTML CODE: <h2>Heading Class H2</h2>

H2 Logo Blue XXHEAVY

HTML CODE: <h2 class="logo-blue xxheavy">H2 Logo Blue XXHEAVY</h2>

Black H2 Heading Fat

HTML CODE: <h2 class="black fat">Black H2 Heading Fat</h2>

Heading Style H3

HTML CODE: <h3>Heading Style H3</h3>

Orange Shadow H3 Class

HTML CODE: <h3 class="orange shadow">Orange Shadow H3 Class</h3>

Heading Class H4

HTML CODE: <h4>Heading Class H4</h4>

H4 Class XXHeavy

HTML CODE: <h4 class="dk-blue xxheavy">H4 Class XXHeavy</h4>
Standard H5 Heading
HTML CODE: <h5>Standard H5 Heading</h5>