Historic Schools – East

East High School

Built in 1923


East High School was opened as a senior-junior high school in the late winter of 1924. The Nelson Dewey school would continue to be used for the lower grades until it was replaced with a new school by the same name in 1934.

Location: Between 18th Ave E and 19th Ave E; Between E 5th St and E 6th St

map of east high school location
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The East High School annual named the Wa-Wa-Ta, continued on from the Nelson Dewey school. James Gordon submitted the name in a contest offering a $2 prize. Gordon was the grandson of a local tribal Ojibwe Chief. Wa-Wa-Ta or Waawaate in Ojibwe means Northern Lights.

Although other songs were used, only one was the school’s official song. In 1942, Mr. Ashley Conrad the principal requested faculty members Edna Fox and Gerry Haack created an original piece. “Onward Old East High School” was the result with Mrs. Fox providing the words and Mr. Haack the music.


Improvements to East were started in 1956 including lighting and electrical updates, construction of a book room, faculty room, and renovations of locker/shower rooms. A much needed music department and band room were also added.


East continued as a Senior-Junior High until 1950, after which East included only a High School for 9th-12th grades. When the new Superior Senior High School opened in 1965, East again became a Junior High for 7th-9th grade and later a Middle School 6th-8th grade.


East closed as a school after the 2001-2002 school year and was razed later that year.