Superior High School Raises $350 for Dugout Research

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NEW Dug out Headline

On Wednesday, October 21st 2015, Social Studies Teacher Kyle Smith and some of his students came to DCHS and presented a check to the Executive Director Tony Tracy for the continued research of the Dugout Canoe in the DCHS Collection.  Over the course of a week, students raised $350 to help pay for the Carbon Testing that will be done on the canoe to authenticate its age, type of tree and the area that it originated.

Executive Director Tony Tracy was delighted with the donation and even more for the dedication and interest that this has shown in Superior’s future leaders.  Once in the museum, the students found other treasures and information that they found facinating and not boring.  History has always had its detractors that it is boring and well…dead.  DCHS strives to make the history of Douglas County come alive for our visitors and to energize them to want to be a part of work going forward.

BIG check